The creative industry moves rapidly and the services our customers need are evolving. At Mikros, we believe that the combination of creative and technical experiences and scientific expertise through open collaboration can help our industry to solve these fundamental problems and face the future in a more sustainable way. This site presents most recent open source projects to which Mikros contributes with academic and industrial partners.

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Why Open Source

Links between academia and industry is a requirement to provide cutting-edge algorithms with the robustness and the quality required all along the visual effects  process.
We aim to provide a strong software basis with state-of-the-art algorithms that can be tested, analyzed and reused.
This open approach enables both us and other users to achieve a high degree of integration and easy customisation for any studio pipeline. Beyond our project objectives, open source is a way of life.
We love to exchange ideas, improve ourselves while making improvements for other people and discover new collaboration opportunities to expand everybody’s horizon.